The 3500 series student desk is available with a Melsur® solid plastic top. Work surface to be made of 5/8” Melsur® solid plastic consisting of wood flour and Melamine resin with binder component to assure a durable, smooth, stain resistant surface. The top also features a beveled “Ergo Edge” – Scholar Craft’s exclusive design for added student comfort. It is also featured in a lower-cost alternative 5/8” fiberboard 47 lb. core with NEMA approved high density, high pressure plastic laminate surface and a phenolic backer sheet with a urethane painted edge. Top size: 19" X 25.5” or 19" x 26" Solid Plastic and 22" x 28" Laminate.

Upper and lower legs formed of 13-gauge, 1 1/8” full-tube HSLA steel. Work surface support made of one 13-gauge tube running side to side of the frame which is joined together by two 16-gauge steel brackets. The sides are supported by two 14-gauge tubes that are 3⁄4” in diameter. Heavy duty molded plastic glide for added durability. Glides are fastened with rivets to prevent student tampering and are angled to prevent tipping. Available Options: Book bag hook, Book Rack, Steel Glides, Felt Tip Glides, Nylon Glides.

Available Fixed Heights: 25” , 27”, and 29”

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