FRAME: Integrated back/seat/leg design provides classic look and maximum strength. Frame is formed of two parallel 1” 18 gauge tubes that are welded together underneath the seat. U-shaped back is carefully contoured to the plastic to ensure maximum screw engagement and strength. CDF uses a process which maintains the tubes under compression for superior durability. Slight extension of rear legs provides a “wall saver” feature. Large MelsurTM (14” x19” x 26”) solid plastic tablet top is supported by a one inch tube welded to the front edge of the frame and a 1” diameter brace welded to the chair.

SEAT and BACK: The frame is contoured to fit the shape of the 5/8” MelsurTM* solid seat. Melsur plastic is stain/wear resistant and self-extinguishing. The seats and backs are attached with steel rivets underneath the plastic resulting in no exposed hardware on the surface. The MelsurTM seat has a waterfall edge to improve seating comfort.

BOOKRACK: “13 x 17” bookrack is made with 1⁄2” diameter solid steel side rails and 5/16” wire cross members welded together and to the chair using gas shield metal arc welding. A solid 1/2” steel rod extends across the back legs in an inverted “V” to help contain books and discourage use as a foot rest.

METAL FINISH: Bright nickel chrome plating meets all present requirements for non- corrosive and abrasion resistant finishes.

GLIDES: High shoulder nylon glides with an internal gripper spring. Glides are 1 1⁄4” diameter and a 40 degree full-swivel with a 1⁄2” shoulder. Metal glides are optional.

HEIGHTS: 15 1⁄2”, 17 1⁄2”.

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