FRAME: Constructed of 1” 18 gauge tubing with a stretcher tube of 3⁄4” 18 gauge steel inserted into the rear legs and then welded for durability. Gas shield metal arc welding of joints provides exceptional strength. Wheelchair accessible. ADA compliant.

TOP: Oversized top is 20” x 36” MelsurTM* 5/8” solid plastic.
METAL FINISH: Bright nickel chrome plating meets all present requirements for noncorrosive

and abrasion resistant finishes.

GLIDES: High shoulder nylon glides with an internal gripper spring. Glides are 1 1⁄4” diameter and a 40 degree full-swivel with a 1⁄2” shoulder. Metal glides are optional.

HEIGHTS: Adjustable height 28-3/4” – 34”

OPTIONS: Q-ball glides, Felt-tip Glides, Floor Saver Glides, 16 gauge frame, 14 gauge frame,

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