Work Surface: The Ovation! student desk is available with a MDF or Melsur® solid plastic top. Leading edge color combinations such as gray nebula, graphite gray and maple are just some of the modern choices sure to please designers and educators alike. The Melsur solid plastic top is standard with the “Ergo Edge,” Scholar Craft’s exclusive design for added comfort. The Melsur® solid plastic work surface is made of 5/8” solid plastic consisting of wood flour and Melamine resin with binder component to assure a durbale, smooth, stain resistant surface. Top size: 18’ X 24”

Frame: The 1 1/8” diameter, 18 gauge upper leg is welded to a 14 gauge steel plate that is assembled into the unit through the top of book box. The steel plate nests into a recessed area to ensure a smooth top attachment. The innovative assembly unitizes the legs, book box and top creating a stable and steadfast unit. Lower adjustable leg inserts are 7/8” tubular steel with strength, security and stability at each height adjustment. Entire frame is nickel chrome plated for long life and ease of cleaning.

Heights: Adjustable from 22” to 29” in one-inch increments.

Book Box: The contemporary styling of the desk functions well in the classroom. The interior dimensions of the one- piece molded polypropylene book box are 15” deep by 20” wide and 4 3⁄4” high which provide ample storage for each student. The built in pencil tray accommodates pencils, pens, markers and even a 12” ruler! Book boxes are available in several different colors, therefore you can have the chairs and book boxes match to provide unity in the classroom.

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